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Here you go folks! A comprehensive list of everything that is gluten free in Costa Coffee! Have I missed your favourite? Let me know!

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The Complete Gluten Free Menu @ Costa Coffee 2018

I've gone through the nutritional information available here and condensed it down to this list. If in doubt though ask your barista. Hot Drinks Coffee Signature Roast Espresso Character Roast Espresso Decaffeinated Espresso Risteretto Macchiato Cortado Mocha Cortado Caramel Cortado Latte Cappuccino Flat Black Flat White Flat Mocha Tea Thoroughly Minted The Earl Simply Sencha Green… Continue reading The Complete Gluten Free Menu @ Costa Coffee 2018


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Yo! Sushi – A Coeliac Review.

Yesterday I went to Yo Sushi! For the first time in ages! They have a lot of gluten-free items on their menu. They do have an allergen menu in-house, but it's the traditional massive spreadsheet which isn't exactly appealing -  if you go on the Yo! Sushi site you can arrange the list by dietary… Continue reading Yo! Sushi – A Coeliac Review.

A photo of a Wetherspoon cheeseburger with chips and ketchup on a white plate.
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The Ultimate Gluten Free List – Wetherspoons For The Coeliac 2018

An exciting development in the world of British people who have Coeliac disease - Wetherspoons now have a dedicated gluten free menu! Although in the small print they do say that they mostly try their best to avoid cross-contamination, but it can happen, I have been there many times and never had an adverse reaction.… Continue reading The Ultimate Gluten Free List – Wetherspoons For The Coeliac 2018

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The Ultimate Gluten-Free Alcoholic Drinks Guide

Although I am pretty confident in this list - always double-check ingredients on all food and drinks. Spirits There is some controversy regarding whether all spirits are gluten-free. This is because the gluten protein is left behind during the vaporisation stage of distillation. Therefore the final product (in theory) shouldn't contain gluten - but some… Continue reading The Ultimate Gluten-Free Alcoholic Drinks Guide