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Yo! Sushi – A Coeliac Review.

Yesterday I went to Yo Sushi! For the first time in ages! They have a lot of gluten-free items on their menu. They do have an allergen menu in-house, but it’s the traditional massive spreadsheet which isn’t exactly appealing –  if you go on the Yo! Sushi site you can arrange the list by dietary requirement – but that requires forethought to print it off or to have a smartphone with an internet connection in the restaurant.

Here is my review of the food itself and I will create a list of all the gluten-free foods separately. Here we go!

The first thing I want to say is they don’t carry gluten free soy sauce (tamari) so if you are a soy sauce lover, BYOT – Bring Your Own Tamari.

I started where I always do – Tamago Nigiri. I don’t know why, but I ADORE these. They are my favourite thing to eat at any sushi restaurant. At home, I have never had the guts to try to make myself. Maybe I will… Hmm. Highly recommended – a mainstay of every sushi related endeavour.

Yo! Sushi Review - Tamago Nigiri

Next, I had the Crispy Salmon Skin Roll. It was DELICIOUS! The textures were amazing, and the taste was balanced beautifully. Highly recommended. Unmissable. Seriously, it’s THAT GOOD.


Then I had a bit of a splurge. I got the Assorted Nigiri Maki plate – tuna, ebi and salmon nigiri, avocado maki and two kapa maki. I had never tried raw tuna before and didn’t want to get a whole plate and maybe not like it so I thought this would be an excellent way to try it. I wasn’t a fan of the tuna nigiri. I love tuna, but this was an odd texture and a little flavourless. I was disappointed. The salmon and ebi (prawn) nigiri were pleasant. The maki was maki. A little underwhelming. I think I lacked in soy sauce as I didn’t BYOT! Highly recommended – an excellent way to try a selection without committing to a whole plate.


Kimchi! Squid kimchi. I love this stuff so much. The squid has the texture of thick pasta and tastes fantastic. The accompanying vegetables with the kimchi were generous for the small size of the plate. Of all of the dishes I tried – this was the most generous regarding bang for your buck. Highly recommended. Just try it. Thank me later.


Another extravagance – a smoked salmon cream cheese roll. I wasn’t a fan of the texture. I feel the cucumber needed to be more generous and less cream cheese. The salmon was nice, but the overall texture was too soft for my taste. Recommended if you don’t mind a more delicate texture to your sushi.


Lastly, I had Japanese souffle cheesecake. I love this pudding. I have it whenever I can; it’s so tasty. The souffle didn’t disappoint. It was fluffy, light and delicious. Recommended.


Overall, we had fun! It’s always exciting to pick your food from the spinning selection and try new things. And just because I didn’t enjoy a particular item, doesn’t mean you won’t. Experiment, have a giggle and eat some well-prepared food.

Gluten Free Girlie Out and About – Wee Guy’s Cafe Glasgow – A Review

Wee Guy’s is one of those little places that make me feel at home. Before my diagnosis, my mum and I would go in there before I started work in the morning to have toast and jam and a chat. They even buttered and jammed the toast for you – and it was exactly how my grandma does it!

I digress, I am friends with the manager in Wee Guy’s, and I was chatting about missing my coffee morning with my mum. Claire told me that there was a girl who made the gluten-free cake for them and this week was chocolate macadamia and clementine and almond. Mmmm! Claire said she would email me when there was some and on Wednesday – bleep!

Next morning my mum and I went to try these delicious sounding cakes. And boy did they live up to how good they sounded!! The chocolate macadamia was creamy and gooey with a slightly crisp top – Almost like a brownie. The clementine and almond were light and fluffy with the little kick of clementine.

I highly recommend that if you are looking for gluten-free, you go here. The cakes are kept in their own little presentation cases, so it is very little to no chance of cross contamination!

You can find Wee Guy’s at 51 Cochrane Street (0141 552 5338) just in the corner of George’s Square. I’d recommend calling ahead just to check they have gluten-free cake in 🙂

Riverhill Coffee Bar – Glasgow – Highly Recommended

On a cold and rainy morning, I decided to pop into Riverhill Coffee Bar with my wee mum for a coffee and hopefully some gluten-free cake. A few weeks ago the lovely Lidia at work let me try a little piece of some gluten-free chilli chocolate cake she had found on her travels. It was so tasty, and you would never guess that anything was missing. My biggest fear as a goodie was that my gluten-free diet would mean “no gluten, no good”. Instead, this chilli chocolate cake was one of the most delightful cakes I had ever eaten. Another bonus is that Riverhill also does one of my favourite locally roasted coffee brands – Dear Green. If you haven’t tried Dear Green, I recommend you do.

I remembered all this when we were in the rain in search of somewhere dry with good coffee. In to Riverhill, we went. Today’s gluten-free cake was a carrot cake – one of my favourites! Being my favourite – impressing me was a challenge for any cake to stand up to, let alone a gluten free one. So I ordered a piece, and a latte and my mum ordered one of their dark chocolate speciality hot chocolates.

It took a little time to arrive, but it was worth the wait. So, so delicious! It tasted just as good if not better than any other carrot cake I had ever tried.

Fuel Juice Bar – Buchanan Galleries – Highly Recommended

I was struggling to figure out where to eat for lunch that I trusted to be gluten-free, and I’d left chicken and rice in the house. Silly me.

After a ponder, I headed out of the office and went up to Buchanan Galleries. I asked the girlie behind the counter if the ‘fat burner’ smoothie was gluten-free. I was informed the fat burning supplement wasn’t, but everything else was, she even let me see the frozen yoghurt container and pressed fresh apples for the juice.

The result was a delicious, very safe smoothie. Highly recommended.