Downwards shot of a table with a pink cover. It has poppadoms on a plate with a palm tree print, rice & curry both in green bowls and a container spiced onions.

Gluten Free Chicken Tikka Masala Curry Recipe

This recipe is my version of this Glaswegian classic - Chicken Tikka Masala Curry. Serve it with some poppadoms or gluten-free naan *chefs kiss*

A photo of James, Lisa, Tony and 2 others drinking something out of bottles. They are all looking happy and relieved. They are all wearing black sportswear.
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The Orange Headband

Two weeks ago I took part in Tough Mudder Scotland in support of Scottish Spina Bifida Association. I managed to raise £115 for them which is incredible, and I earned my headband! Yey! I hobbled clambered and carefully climbed my way around the course, completed all the obstacles except 2 (although it did take a… Continue reading The Orange Headband


Close up of the logo and words "Tough Mudder in Training" T-Shirt on a black t-shirt
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Is Mud Gluten and Wheat Free?

Tough Mudder Scotland is tomorrow. Tough Mudder Scotland is tomorrow. Arrrrgggggghhhhhh! If you don't know what tough mudder is - here is a link to a video Yeah. That. Hahaha. I'm doing THAT. TOMORROW. Have I trained? Physically - as much as is humanly possible in the house when my back and shoulders are the… Continue reading Is Mud Gluten and Wheat Free?

A bog of free-from treats, including: Marshmallows in a grab bag, pineapple and mango fruit crisps, 2 chocolate cookies, pack of spicy ginger cookies, some handmade fudge and a chickpea crispbread. There is a brown envelope at the front reads "Lisa" in green pen.
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Gluten Free Monthly Box Service Review – Snackly

For a few months, I have had monthly Snackly boxes delivered. It's a selection box of about 6 gluten-free treats from various suppliers to try. I have been very impressed so far with the quality and value for money of them. Here are some photos of the boxes I have received: As you can see… Continue reading Gluten Free Monthly Box Service Review – Snackly