A close up of various medication in poppable sheets in a pile. They vary in colour; pink, yellow and white.

Possibly TMI…

Hello everyone, I haven't shared what I am about to tell you all with anyone outside of my family till now, but I am so excited about this new treatment that I want to shout it from the rooftops. So I will start at the beginning. As you know, I have severe food intolerances but… Continue reading Possibly TMI…

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World Mental Health Day 2015

Hello everyone, It seems fitting that I should come back to my little corner of the web today on World Mental Health Day as the main reason for my absence is just that; my mental health hasn't been that great. As some of you know from my Time to Talk post on the 5th of… Continue reading World Mental Health Day 2015

A photo of James, Lisa, Tony and 2 others drinking something out of bottles. They are all looking happy and relieved. They are all wearing black sportswear.
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The Orange Headband

Two weeks ago I took part in Tough Mudder Scotland in support of Scottish Spina Bifida Association. I managed to raise £115 for them which is incredible, and I earned my headband! Yey! I hobbled clambered and carefully climbed my way around the course, completed all the obstacles except 2 (although it did take a… Continue reading The Orange Headband

Close up of the logo and words "Tough Mudder in Training" T-Shirt on a black t-shirt
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Is Mud Gluten and Wheat Free?

Tough Mudder Scotland is tomorrow. Tough Mudder Scotland is tomorrow. Arrrrgggggghhhhhh! If you don't know what tough mudder is - here is a link to a video Yeah. That. Hahaha. I'm doing THAT. TOMORROW. Have I trained? Physically - as much as is humanly possible in the house when my back and shoulders are the… Continue reading Is Mud Gluten and Wheat Free?

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A Personal Touch

This blog has been recipes and trying new products, but you have probably noticed I don't do "personal posts" minus my "A Time To Talk" post. That is about to change. I have decided that I am going to write more personal posts on here. Here is the first one (technically second). Yesterday, I got… Continue reading A Personal Touch


Time To Talk 2015 – My Story

I've been planning to write this blog post for about two weeks now. It is probably the hardest one to write. It's about something that I don't tell anyone unless I am comfortable enough. But I have pledged to talk about this as it is something that I wish I could feel comfortable to talk… Continue reading Time To Talk 2015 – My Story


Merry Christmas from Gluten Free Girlie

After the tragedy that struck Glasgow this week taking the lives of 6 people including a schoolmate of mine as well as some significant personal issues happening this week I realise how short life is. I feel that the support of James and my family and my friends has been my strength and my source of… Continue reading Merry Christmas from Gluten Free Girlie