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Riverhill Coffee Bar – Glasgow – Highly Recommended

On a cold and rainy morning, I decided to pop into Riverhill Coffee Bar with my wee mum for a coffee and hopefully some gluten-free cake. A few weeks ago the lovely Lidia at work let me try a little piece of some gluten-free chilli chocolate cake she had found on her travels. It was so tasty, and you would never guess that anything was missing. My biggest fear as a goodie was that my gluten-free diet would mean “no gluten, no good”. Instead, this chilli chocolate cake was one of the most delightful cakes I had ever eaten. Another bonus is that Riverhill also does one of my favourite locally roasted coffee brands – Dear Green. If you haven’t tried Dear Green, I recommend you do.

I remembered all this when we were in the rain in search of somewhere dry with good coffee. In to Riverhill, we went. Today’s gluten-free cake was a carrot cake – one of my favourites! Being my favourite – impressing me was a challenge for any cake to stand up to, let alone a gluten free one. So I ordered a piece, and a latte and my mum ordered one of their dark chocolate speciality hot chocolates.

It took a little time to arrive, but it was worth the wait. So, so delicious! It tasted just as good if not better than any other carrot cake I had ever tried.


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