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A Personal Touch

This blog has been recipes and trying new products, but you have probably noticed I don’t do “personal posts” minus my “A Time To Talk” post.

That is about to change. I have decided that I am going to write more personal posts on here.

Here is the first one (technically second). Yesterday, I got glutened. It sucked.

I went out for lunch with my beautiful wee cousin (not so wee – we were celebrating her 19th!). After painstakingly reading the allergen charts that the waitress gave me, I had the tastiest curry. We chatted, and ate, and then left.

After food, I booked a tattoo for next Thursday… I will post pictures after I get it done. Then shops and coffee.

After a couple of hours, we had dropped her off. I was starting to feel like rubbish – cramps, nauseous…eurgh.

I still feel rubbish. Any tips anyone has for post gluten exposure would be much appreciated 🙂


Driving lesson at one this afternoon. Perhaps I will feel less nauseous by then.


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