Three bags of cereal - "honey puffed rice", "Tropical Fruit Museli" and "Swiss chocolate museli"

Review – Nature’s Path Gluten Free Cereal – Tried and Tested

Nature’s Store branded cereals were on offer in Tesco, and for you lovely folks I bought one of each variety to try and then report back on – you know – for science!

There were 3 flavours available in the offer: Honey Puffed Rice, Tropical Fruit Muesli and Swiss Chocolate Muesli.

Overall – all 3 were passable and very edible. However, I must say that the cereal did go soggy rather swiftly, but beyond that I am impressed.

Honey Puffed Rice – 6/10 – This was my least favourite of the 3 varieties I picked up. It is not as complex taste wise and is more of a base to build upon rather than actually being breakfast in its own right.

Tropical Fruit Muesli – 7.5/10 – Actual chunks of banana and papaya with some sultanas and tasty as well! The only negative is there is nowhere near as much fruit as other muesli’s and as such is only a small fraction of the honey puffs (which can be found in this one too!)

WINNER Swiss Chocolate Muesli 10/10 – This cereal is EPIC! I love it so much – it is so light and tasty. Not overly sweet and the chocolate tastes divine. It is much darker chocolate than your average kid’s cereal, but it is one I will be buying again – even when it is not on offer!

There you have it – Nature’s Store gluten-free cereals reviewed.

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