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The Ultimate List – IKEA Cafe Restaurant For The Coeliac

It’s tradition. If you go to IKEA, you get food. Swedish meatballs, Daim cake, hot dogs – everyone has their poison.

Mine is krokant cake. And guess what? It’s gluten-free! Oh yeah!

Here is a list of all the gluten free goodies you can get in IKEA’s restaurant (please note that you should still chat to staff at each store although standardised can have different items).

Soups: Chipotle Sweet Potato, Three Bean Chilli, Tomato with Garden Vegetables.

Salads: Greek Salad (no dressing), Marinated Salad, Najad Salad, Swedish Tapas.

Breakfast: Bacon, Scrambled Eggs.

Mains: None are gluten-free

Salad Bar: carrots, celery, cucumber, lettuce, mushrooms, onions, peppers, radish, spinach, tomatoes.

Salad Dressings: None are gluten-free.

Sandwiches: None are gluten-free

Sides: Coleslaw, Vegetable Medallions, Steamed Carrots, Steamed Vegetables, Potato Chips, Organic String Cheese.

Kiddies Meals: No gluten free options

Desserts: Almond (Krokant) Cake (with chocolate butterscotch or dark chocolate), Blueberry Cake.

Beverages: Blueberry Drink, Bottled Water, Coffee, Diet Pepsi, Elderflower Juice Box, Lemonade, Organic Lingonberry Juice Box, Organic Low Fat Chocolate Milk, Organic Low Fat Milk, Mountain Dew, Orange Juice, Pepsi, Pink Lemonade, Rosehip Drink, Sierra Mist, Sparkling Apple& Lingonberry Drink, Organic Sparkling Apple Drink, Sparkling Pear Cider, Sweetened Or Unsweetened Tea.

Bistro: No gluten free options.

Remember. Always ask.


4 thoughts on “The Ultimate List – IKEA Cafe Restaurant For The Coeliac”

  1. the veggie balls in the main menu are gluten free. which you can have with veg hash/mash potato/ chips all of which are gluten free to make a main meal.


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