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RIP Lemmy and Bowie

bow1Music has been my main source of comfort, escape and expression since I can remember. When I’m happy I listen to music, when I’m nervous I listen to music, when I have pain I use music to transport me away from the situation – to escape.

When I was about 7 in primary school we done a project on space where we were to bring something about space to show and talk about. I brought in my mums cassette dutifully placed at the beginning of Space Odyssey. The musical adventure of a astronaut called Major Tom talking to Ground Control. A song that I listened to over and over again as a child and still do.

When I was around 10 I was given a compilation cassette¬†with among other awesome songs “Ace of Spaces” by Motorhead. I would listen to this CD over and over and I remember jumping up and down on my bed air guitaring thinking I was an epic rock star.

As a teenager I was privileged enough to see Lemmy perform in Motorhead in Glasgow at what was then the Carling Academy. It was an amazing gig and I adored every second of it Рthey rocked my little world and their stage presence was astounding. It was so good that I could not hear in my lectures and labs for three days Рthey definitely turned it up to 11!

All the way up to now and I’m sure in the future I will turn to these great men’s creations for an emotional outlet. They’re songs are amazing and they will live on through their musical legacy.

If there is an afterlife then it just got a whole lot cooler to be there!