Fuel Juice Bar – Buchanan Galleries – Highly Recommended

I was struggling to figure out where to eat for lunch that I trusted to be gluten free and I’d left chicken and rice in the house. Silly me.

After a ponder I headed out of the office and headed to Buchanan Galleries. I asked the girlie behind the counter if the ‘fat burner’ smoothie was gluten free. I was informed the fat burning supplement wasn’t but everything else was, she even let me see the frozen yoghurt container and pressed fresh apples for the juice.

The result was a very tasty, very safe smoothie. Highly recommended.



I’m Lisa. I’m 28. 5’10” and as of last week: a diagnosed coeliac.

This blog is a venue for me to let our my thoughts on this as well as give honest opinions about learning how to be gluten free. As well as maybe find some like minded folks or more experienced coeliacs.

Feel free to say hi anytime!

Gluten Free Girlie xx