My brain


I have the full results of my EEG.

I don’t have epilepsy – hooray!

It’s not my heart – hooray!

I’m having “Non Epileptic Attacks” – to me that’s not really a diagnosis. It’s more a statement of what it’s not.

My brain is so wired about something that it is choosing to literally shut me down. Sometimes by just to a staring blankly into space and shutting out reality and othertimes, the scariest times, by making me totally unconscious.

Obviously my brain can’t cope with whatever it is… now all I need to do is work out what it is, work through it and deal with it then the attacks should stop… Easy right?

TL:DR – Mental illness strikes again in the form of “non epileptic attacks”- it maybe all in my head but that’s where my brain is.



4 thoughts on “My brain”

  1. I had an epilepsy-like attack after my stroke five years ago. They put me on drugs, and I never had another attack.

    My current GP on a review, three years ago, thought that they weren’t helping, so suggested I stopped taking them.

    I’m probably as healthy as any 68-year-old with poor eyesight.

    I think what caused the fit was aggravating an old injury in my arm, when I put a coat on!.

    But who knows? The problem hasn’t recurred. But I’m careful when I put a coat on!


    1. Thank you for sharing. Unfortunately, I’m still having them although slightly fewer I think it’s because my new migraine medication is being used off label and is actually an anti epileptic drug.

      I can imagine how careful you must be! Once bitten twice shy.


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